Lane Closures 2016: Friday Sep. 9 to Sunday Sep. 11

For the latest DOT announcements on lane closures for Sep. 9-11, click here.

Grants for Small Research Companies Developing Federal Applications – Deadline 9/26/16

HONOLULU 9/2/16 – Small research companies wishing to spur the development of innovative scientific and engineering technologies for federal applications are encouraged to apply for a matching grant from the High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC).

HTDC’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants are available to companies working on projects that have the potential for commercialization.

The deadline to apply is Sept. 26 at 4 p.m.

Matching grant funds are tiered as follows:

  • Phase 0 (up to $3,000) – Covers the grant writing process
  • Phase 1 (up to $70,000) – Funds a feasibility study of the project
  • Phase 2 (up to $500,000) – Funds a working prototype
  • Phase 3 (up to $500,000) — Commercialization of the project

“SBIR grants are an excellent way for innovative companies to jump start their projects,” said Robbie Melton, Executive Director and CEO of HTDC. “Today’s business landscape is highly competitive, and companies that can quicken the pace of development for projects have a great advantage in bringing their work to fruition.”  Continue reading

Parents Urged to Complete Federal Impact Aid Survey Card Beginning 9/7/16

Parents urged to complete federal Impact Aid survey card, funding benefits all public schools statewide

HONOLULU 9/2/16 – The Hawaii State Department of Education (HIDOE) will be sending a U.S. Department of Education Federal Survey Card home with Hawaii’s public school students for parents to complete beginning Wednesday, September 7, 2016.

Completed Impact Aid Program survey cards allow HIDOE to qualify for a partial reimbursement for educating federally connected students, such as children whose parents work or live on federal property. The program was created to assist school districts that lose tax revenues (e.g. income, sales and property taxes) due to a federal presence. Received funds go to all local school districts, just like local property taxes, and can be used to hire teachers, purchase textbooks and computers, pay for utilities and more. Parents are strongly urged to complete the surveys and return them to their schools as soon as possible.

“Impact Aid funds are extremely important to support all our public schools statewide and help to improve quality education for our students,” said Kathryn Matayoshi, HIDOE Superintendent. “During the 2015-16 school year, the state accounted for 27,660 federally connected students and received more than $40 million in Impact Aid funding. We ask all parents for their cooperation to complete these important surveys.”

Completed survey forms will benefit students at all public schools statewide. Federal reimbursements help to offset such costs as student transportation, school utilities, substitute teachers, portable classrooms and many others necessities.

Without these federal funds, the Hawaii public school system would have $40 million to $50 million less per year to operate with and would need to reduce support for all schools to pay all its expenses.

Every public school has a 100-percent return rate goal and asks that parents complete and return the federal survey next week. Please visit our Impact Aid Program webpage for more information and common questions.

Sep. 2016 Training Advisory for Schofield Barracks

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii (Sept. 2, 2016) – Local military units are
scheduled to conduct various training here in September that may be heard by
surrounding communities.

For the community’s awareness, the training is as follows: (Please note, all
training dates are subject to change based on environmental and other

September 2016:

  • Sept. 1-2: Army artillery training
  • Sept. 1-5 Marines mortar training
  • Sept. 6: Army mortar training
  • Sept. 3-7: Marines artillery training
  • Sept. 15-16: Army demolitions training
  • Sept. 15-30: Army artillery, mortar, and helicopter gunnery training
  • Sept. 5-30: Army Lightning Academy training with blank ammunition and
    explosive simulators on East Range. Training will occur during daytime and
    nighttime hours.

Weather, such as overcast conditions, can increase noise and vibrations. Should individuals hear noise, there is no immediate danger.  Continue reading