Star-Advertiser: ‘Gold bars use kiawe as base’ 3/28/17

By Jason Genegabus
Star-Advertiser 3/28/17

I love discovering products that are both good for me and make me feel good about buying them. ‘Ai Pohaku’s Waianae Gold ‘Aina Bars fit that description, with two types of treats made with an unlikely ingredient common throughout the islands.

‘Aina Bars in 6 oz containers. Wai’anae Gold ‘Aina Bars are a rich slow burning energy food. Perfect for the long run.

According to ‘Ai Pohaku founder Vince Kana‘i Dodge, kiawe trees have grown in Hawaii for nearly two centuries but were never used for food. Dodge discovered in 2006 that indigenous people from the southwestern United States milled mesquite wood into flour; he also traveled to Argentina in 2012 to visit with the indigenous Wichi, who have used kiawe flour for hundreds of years.

Vince Kana‘i Dodge, Tel. 808-478-6492, Email

Dodge’s two ‘Aina Bars are made with kiawe bean-pod flour, organic ground peanuts and organic raw honey. Blondie bars then add Hawaiian sea salt; Brownie bars use organic cacao for a chocolate note.

While kiawe flour produces a noticeable grittiness, the peanuts and honey balance things out and make it seem like you’re eating an energy bar.

Find the bars at Oahu Down to Earth stores. A 6-ounce container of Blondies is $10.79; Brownies are $12.39; a 50-50 mix is $11.59. They’re also sold at the Waianae Store, Kahumana Cafe Store and Kokua Market. Call 478-6492 or visit for info.

Read the full article on the Star-Advertiser site.

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