2nd Access/Traffic Updates Meeting Summary & Minutes

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For those who missed the 03/13/17 Transportation Update meeting, here is a short summary. More detailed minutes are below.


In regards to the 2nd Access, DOT will study it, and DHHL will also work on it. One thought is to turn the existing Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road (WCEAR) into a more accessible road. The city is considering expanding the use of WCEAR beyond emergencies, to include other events, such as road work.

In terms of the WCEAR, DHHL plans to work on an EIS to extend it from Helelua St. to Nanakuli Ave. They are drawing up plans and talking to homeowners. DOT plans to provide solar powered flashing signs to direct drivers to the WCEAR, and alert drivers about traffic delays.

DOT is also focusing on improving Farrington Highway congestion. They will try to find ways to continue the contraflow after its December 2017 projected end date, by making use of the 1.2 mile turn lane they are now constructing for contraflow. Further, DOT will continue to push to extend the turn/contraflow lane to Hakimo Road.

Questions were raised about the need to synchronize the traffic lights. DOT responded that they are installing traffic cameras and heat sensors at Nanakuli Ave, Haleakala Ave, and Helelua St. These measures should help to improve traffic flow.

Questions were also raised about why DOT is expending funds on another traffic study rather than improvements. DOT explained that they must conduct an updated study to obtain federal funds.
Speakers at the 03/13/17 Transportation Update meeting hosted by the Ahupua`a O Nanakuli Homestead (AONH) included, DOT Deputy Director-Highways Edwin Sniffen, DHHL Deputy Director William Aila Jr., Jewelynn Kirkland (AONH), Sen. Shimabukuro, Rep. Tupola, and Rep. Gates.
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Here are more detailed minutes from the 03/13/17 Transportation Meeting…MINUTES:


– EIS: To be done from Helelua to Nanakuli Ave. Drawing up plans and talking to homeowners

– 24/7 Road: HB1378 is about how to establish 2nd access; improve existing roads in Waianae; very expensive; long term; federal funds short supply going forward; $250m+ cost not guaranteed


– Funding for additional roads is not there

– cannot federalize a project unless we have an updated study

– DOT does not have $250m to make another road, but will still study it

– Contraflow -turn lanes will help in morning but not in afternoon; with 5th lane eastbound lane will be returned

– Turn lanes- want to try to extend to Hakimo Rd.

– WCEAR- under the environmental assessment (EA), emergency use only so cannot use daily; city willing to also consider allowing use for road work/construction too


1) How can we keep teachers on the Waianae Coast with contraflow making traffic so slow; some days HPD is good,other days not so good.
Ans: Contraflow is ending around December 2017, when turn lane is completed. State and City will do its best to minimize traffic delays for eastbound drivers.

2) Why bicycle lane in Nanakuli homestead?
Ans: In 2012 city did survey re: adding bicycle lane, and community did not object. March 21 NMNB mtg will discuss bike lane.

3) Why can’t politicians let community decide for themselves?
Ans: DHHL tasked with implementing things that impact the trust, as well as neighbors in non-homestead community. We’re trying to listen as best we can; input is weighed. Also have to advocate for people on the waitlist and on standby.

4) How can we work together to find viable solution to traffic?

Ans: We need to work together to sometimes compromise for the greater good.

5) How evacuate if emergency at Black Rock?
Ans: Head Mauka.

6) Why are developers building more homes but not adding emergency access?
Ans: This is primarily a City issue, since they approve building permits.

7) Instead of building new road, why not use existing?
Ans: We are seeking to amend the EA to allow WCEAR to be used when there’s road work, not just for emergencies.

8) Can we Find honest contractor to build road around Kaena point?
Ans: Majority of Community did not support this.

9) Can we make developers create new DOT fund? Chinese development at Ko Olina — how will impact?
Ans: This is a City question; DOT makes recommendations to DPP as best they can.

10) How will balance building more homes and trying to get 2nd access?
Ans: DOT Will try to address that in feasibility study.

11) Light at Nanakuli green/red for 60 seconds…why wait to install new lights?
Ans: During peak times there’s not enough green time to put traffic through. Still must balance. That’s why we did contraflow. Turn lane will help in morning. Will try to continue contraflow after. Want to extend turn lane to Hakimo. Also will have traffic cameras at Nanakuli Ave, Haleakala Ave, and Helelua St. Sensors will be heat, not on ground.

12) How much money is there for 2nd Access?
Ans: $6m; $3m from City and $3m from state.

13) Will the location of Haleakala Ave crosswalk be moved? Please don’t.
Ans: During construction it’s closed, but it will be returned after construction.

14) Why is WCEAR limited to emergencies only?

City is working on expanding EA to include road work. Community also wants to also include major accidents. DOT going to try and help with solar powered flashing signs to show drivers where the WCEAR is and alert drivers about traffic delays.

15) If no $ to build roads why study? Why is WCEAR in 2 phases? Better to spend $ on solutions?
Ans: Have to do study to get federal money to widen highway. Have to study possibility of 2nd access too as option.

16) How often does DOT inspect bridge at Black Rock?
Ans: Every 2 years, and that’s why we keep patching it.

17) DOT view on 2nd Access?
Ans: DOT has $450m to spend statewide. $100m goes toward capacity projects. Additional lane westbound on H1 was $120m; $100m for safety improvements, etc. Need additional $90-95/year more per person from raising taxes to add back more projects. So now have to focus on operational projects, eg, added Zipper lane; Moanalua freeway to connect to Kualakai shoulder.

2nd access will take 10 years minimum; will likely never happen though…so need to re-shift focus to add 5th lane to HakimoRd.

This is not unique to Waianae, eg, Kawaihae and Kauai not getting bypasses they want either.

18) Why can’t we synchronize lights like on Nimitz from Sand Island to Pacific St.?
Ans: At Peak time you can’t get enough green time in Nanakuli. DOT can work with City to take a look. Once traffic cameras are installed it will be easier.

19) Kolekole Pass – what is status? And Lualualei Naval Road – why can’t state take it?
Ans (Rep. Tupola): She wants to try and get an Executive Order to transfer the Navy section of Kolekole Pass to the Army. In regards to LNR, the City and State won’t take it unless Navy upgrades it.

20) Fuel tax and road usage charge (RUC) will impact Waianae and other rural communities the most, so we need more benefit.
Ans: DOT has a federal grant to study RUC. Under RUC, if your car gets around 22 mpg you won’t be affected; if large car, will pay less; if hybrid or electric car will pay more. DOT is Still studying how to do it. As a First step, DOT will send out a fake bill under RUC. A 5,000 driver group will run through the scenario under RUC. There is a national trend toward RUC since it’s fair.

21) $90-95 more per year if increase fuel tax will be very rough on drivers
Ans (Rep. Tupola): No general funds go to DOT, only taxes.

22) Announcement by Cynthia Rezentes: The City is updating the 2035 general transportation plan, see DPP Website. You should submit comments by May 8; there is a transportation section.