KITV4: Bill to remove military from Makua

“Citing ‘serious damage to ‘aina,’ native Hawaiians, Kahele introduces bill to remove military from Makua”

By ‘A’ali’i Dukelow, KITV4, 17 March 2022

HONOLULU (KITV4) — For decades, Makua Valley has been the center of forced evictions and mass protests as the United States military conducted training on 782 of its acres. 

A 65-year land lease between the Board of Land and Natural Resources and the army is set to expire in 2029. However, Congressman Kai Kahele introduced legislation on Thursday proposing to return the Leeward O’ahu valley to the state of Hawai’i. 

The United States military has used Makua Valley as a practice arena since the 1920s, including live fire training that, “inflicted serious damage to this ‘aina and the people whom Makua is so important,” Kahele argued. 

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