KITV4: Leeward Oahu lawmaker fighting to get more police resources

State Sen. Maile Shimabukuro (D-Waianae) says it can sometimes take an hour for police to respond to calls.

Waianae Community Seeking Increased Police Presence
[KITV, 4/2/22]

SCR88/ SR78 and SCR49 /SR44, introduced by Sen. Maile Shimabukuro, urge for the creation of a District 9 police district to cover the needs of the Waianae Coast.

Currently the Waianae Coast is included with District 8, which stretches from Waipahu to Kaena Point. It includes the growing communities of Ewa, Kapolei, Makakilo,etc.

District 8 historically has the highest murder and aggravated assault rates, as well as
well-documented homeless, theft, truancy, gun violence, and many other socio-economic problems.

Although the City built a 25,000 square foot new Waianae Police Station in 2016, it
lacks “warm bodies” and staff, making it just an empty façade.

The empty Waianae Police Station at a tour conducted around December 2021 with HPD officers and elected officials.

SHOPO submitted strong testimony in support, begging policy-makers to increase
funding and resources so that HPD can increase its dwindling workforce.

SHOPO testified that since 2018, HPD has cut services, including the investigation of
certain felonies, due to their severe staffing shortage and constant turnover rate.

SHOPO testified that they have been without a contract for almost a year, and have
experienced cuts to their retirement and compensation rates. Yet, their hierarchy has returned unspent overtime funds to the City Council rather than re-invest them into HPD.

SHOPO lamented that Waianae Coast residents do not receive the same level of
protection as areas with higher real estate values such as Kahala and Hawaii

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  1. Yes. I agree we need to get our own police in the Waianae coast
    Thank You Maile…


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