Student Voices


[Submission guidelines: Essays must be submitted via teachers, and teachers are responsible for getting each student’s permission (or parent’s permission if students are under 18) to publish in 21maile. Essays can be in text as well as other formats such as video, art, animations, etc. Topics should address hot issues. As much as possible, an author photo should be submitted with the essay. Send submissions to Heather <>, Maile <>, or Jim <>]

GMOs and Labeling by Joseph Centeno Cid Jr., LCC-Wai’anae, April 16, 2013
Labeling food: A Necessity or a Waste of Money? by Elizabeth K. Samarripa, LCC-Wai’anae, April 16, 2013
Because We Should by Kainalu Chun, LCC-Wai’anae, April 16, 2013
Different Products Deserve Different Packages by Railinn Martin, LCC-Wai’anae, April 16, 2013
Label GMOs for Their Parents by Breana Kialoa, LCC-Wai’anae, April 16, 2013
Say NO to GMO by Briana Graves, LCC-Wai’anae, April 11, 2013

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