Note: News items listed in reverse chronological order — latest on top. For news items after 4/5/22, click here.

KHON2: Tougher laws proposed for illegal game room operators (4/5/22)

PBS-HI: DHHL Special Funding 3/24/22 (4/3/22)

KITV4: Leeward Oahu lawmaker fighting to get more police resources (4/2/22)

SA: HHL financial-assistance proposal stirs debate (3/27/22)

KITV4: Hawaii lawmakers weigh in on Ketanji Brown confirmation hearings (3/21/22)

KITV4: Bill to remove military from Makua (3/17/22)

HNN: Hundreds gather to mourn girl, mother killed in Nanakuli crash — and to call for action  (3/3/22)

KITV4 2/15/22: OHA pushes legislation to up payment from public land trust revenue to $78.9M a year (2/23/22)

KHON2: Lawmakers work to save neighborhoods ahead of severe weather (2/22/22)

KITV4 & KHON2: House & Senate Certificates at the Buffalo Big Board Surfing Classic 2/19/2022 (2/21/22)

SA: Legislation would help victims exit sex trade (2/14/22)

SA: Hawaiian homestead bills advance at state Legislature (2/4/22)

HCB: Should OHA Get A Bigger Share Of Hawaii’s Public Land Revenues? (1/29/22)

KHPR: Lawmakers consider transferring to OHA an estimated $638M of withheld public land trust revenues (1/27/22)

HCB: West Oahu Reps Take On Major Problems (1/25/22)

SA: State program for youth in Wai’anae (11/30/21)

SA: Hawaii senators tour Papahana ʻo Kaiona (11/29/21)

HNN: Senators Tour Papahana ‘o Kaiona, Wai’anae (11/29/21)

 SA (4/28/21): ‘City Again Takes First Steps to Relocate Landfill’ 8/14/21

KITV4: Oahu’s vehicle ‘recon’ inspection program close to shutting down 4/21/21

KITV4: Lawmakers push to end ‘recon’ inspections of modified vehicles 2/23/21

PBS Hawai’i Insights: Hawaiian Home Lands 2/18/21

SA: DOT to install speed tables on Farrington Hwy 2/14/21

SA: Amendments give HHL 5 years to determine casino future 2/11/21 & 2/12/21

KHON2: Lawmakers consider gambling to help Native Hawaiians 2/11/21

Boerger: ‘Hawaii Women’s Legislative Caucus outlines 2021 policy priorities’ 1/28/21

SA 10/24/20: DHHL Program Failing 10/24/20

Sen. Shimabukuro Interviewed re Waianae Inter. Violence 2/24/20 2/24/20

Senator Shimabukuro Amends SB42 (CB 2/11/20) 2/13/20

Bill to Eliminate Reconstructed Vehicle Inspection 2/12/20

NPR: DHHL to Buy $8M Mōʻiliʻili Property for Housing 1/29/20

Sen. Shimabukuro: City Should Reduce Its Reliance on Landfills 1/7/20 1/29/20

Mauna Lahilahi Botanical Garden Saved by Community 1/28/20 1/29/20

KITV4: DOT to Close One Lane on Farrington Hwy After Fatal Collision 1/27/20

HNN: Fatal Crash in Maili Prompts Highway Changes 1/27/20

KHON2 (11/20/19): Waianae Speed Bump Complaints 11/20/19

HNN (3/27/19): West Oahu Traffic Accident Prompts Another Call for Bypass Road 3/27/19

HNN: Wildfires in West Oahu – Interview Sen. Shimabukuro 3/6/19 3/8/19

SA: ‘State senator films Maili brush fire, police standoff while riding bus’ 3/7/19

 HPR: ‘Legislature Seeks to Reform OHA Elections’ 2/6/19

 SA ‘Students plant future, restore past at Ka‘ala Farm in Waianae’ 1/20/19 1/22/19

 Karen Young and WOW! Recognized by HNN 080218 8/2/18

 HNN (7/11/18): New Window Allows Sex Abuse Victims to File Claims from Decades Ago 7/12/18

 KHON2 Interview of Sen. Shimabukuro re SB2051 (7/8/18): School Business 7/9/18

 KITV Interview of Sen. Shimabukuro and Rep. Gates 7/8/18: School Business 7/8/18

 Sen. Shimabukuro HNN Interview Clips 4/26/18: Faster Removal of Abandoned Vehicles 7/3/18

 Sen. Shimabukuro HNN Interview Clips (6/28/18): Sex Abuse Window Extended to 2020 7/3/18

 Civil Beat 07/31/17: The Fight To Save Ancient Hawaiian Archeological Sites 7/31/17

  HNN 01/30/17: Leeward Oahu Contraflow Sticking Around Longer than Expected 1/30/17

Star-Advertiser 9/14/16: Contra-flow Lane Pros & Cons 9/14/16

Community weighs in on Nanakuli contraflow lane project, one month after it went into effect 9/12/16

Residents weigh in on Nanakuli contraflow lane at lively town hall meeting 9/12/16

KHON2: Contraflow Stymied by Illegal Left Turns 8/11/16 8/12/16

Star-Adv 8/12/16: ‘Contra-flow Eases Commute for Some’ 8/12/16

HNN: ‘State to Bring Rush Hour Relief to Leeward Coast’ 8/11/16

Star-Adv: ‘Nanakuli Contra-flow Lane Set to Open’ on 8/10/16 8/9/16

HNN: Crossing Flags for Farrington Hwy (7/19/16) 7/20/16

HNN: ‘Leeward Community Concerned About Dangerous Bus Stop’ 7/12/16

HNN: Spike in Fatal Pedestrian Accidents 7/8/16

Senator Shimabukuro in Midweek: ‘Making Strides to Improve West Oahu Traffic’ 5/5/16

 Civil Beat article on Sex Abuse Victims 4/28/16

‘Hawaii Bill Would Excuse Breastfeeding Moms from Jury Duty’ (AP 4/18/16) 4/19/16

Star-Adv: ‘Input Sought on Nanakuli Transit Projects’ – Meeting 4/5/16 4/3/16

 HNN 3/1/2016: ‘Monster swells spur serious erosion, safety issues along Makaha shoreline’ 3/1/16

Star-Adv 2/27/16: ‘Plans for afternoon contra-flow lane in Nanakuli’ 2/27/16

DOT 2/26/16: Nanakuli Contraflow Lane 2/27/16

HNN 2/26/16: ‘State moves forward with contraflow plan to ease Waianae’ Coast commute 2/26/16

HNN 2/26/16: Contraflow Lane for Wai’anae Coast 2/26/16

KITV4 2/26/16: ‘Traffic relief in Nanakuli in the works’ 2/26/16

Star-Advertiser: ‘Work to start on Waianae college campus’ 2/15/16

KHON2 (2/11/16): Schools, residents make headway in curbing on- and off-campus brawls 2/12/16

Hawaii News Now 1/1/16: Makaha Valley Resort Development Plans 1/2/16

HNN: WIS Principal Reassigned 12/8/15 12/9/15

Star-Advertiser: ‘State Owes DHHL $18.4M More’ (11/29/15) 11/29/15

Star-Advertiser: ‘Transfer on Death Deed’ (11/6/15) 11/8/15

Sen. Shimabukuro Proposed Changing ‘Discoverer’s Day’ to ‘Indigenous People’s Day’ 11/3/15

KITV4: ‘HHAA holds semi-annual Great Gun Show’ 11/3/15

KHON2 – Violence in Hawaii Schools 10/29/15 10/30/15

Star-Advertiser 8/3/15: Highway Widening on Wai’anae Coast 8/3/15

KITV4: ‘Nanakuli Water Main Break Leads to New Calls for Bypass Road’ 7/30/15

Town Hall Meeting 7/16/15: Westside Traffic Solutions 7/17/15

[PHOTO] Kamalii, Smith, and Sen. Shimabukuro Discuss SB 768 on 5/1/15 5/4/15

IVF Bill SB768 Faces May 1 Deadline 4/28/15

Hawaii News Now: “Community Wants to Know What Blew Up at Makua Valley” 4/7/15 4/7/15

 Women of Waianae to be Honored by Hawaii Women Lawyers 3/27/15

Board Members’ Finances to Become Public in June 2015 3/25/15

KHON2: ‘President Obama’s Paid Sick Leave Plan Gets Mixed Reactions’ (1/14/15) 1/16/15

KITV4: ‘Vacancies on State Boards and Commissions Rise to 26′ 7/14/14

‘Big News: Hawaii Civil Window for child sex abuse victims EXTENDED; Includes public schools’ 7/9/14

HCB: ‘Abercrombie Decides Not to Veto Public Financial Disclosure Bill’ 7/3/14

Star-Advertiser Editorial Urges Governor to Sign SB2682 6/29/14

Star-Adv: ‘Disclosure changes concern university regents’ (5/17/14)’ 5/20/14

Star-Adv: ‘Senators cheer native voter list’ (5/6/14) 5/14/14

AP/Star-Adv: ‘Singles left out of Hawaii fertility law’ 5/5/14

Star-Adv: Childhood Sex Abuse Window Extended to April 24, 2016 4/25/14

KHON2: ‘Lawmakers consider extension to child sex abuse lawsuit deadline’ 4/24/14

Honolulu Civil Beat: ‘Hawaii House Seeks Solution on OHA Kakaako Makai Bill’ 4/23/14

Star-Adv 4/16/14: ‘Measure on insurance for infertility advances’ 4/16/14

Star-Advertiser: ‘Changes to Sex Assault Bill Set New Limits on Victims’ Recourse 4/1/14

Star-Advertiser Editorial: ‘Toughen Laws Against Child-sex Predators 3/27/14

Star-Advertiser: Bills Seek More Time for Child Sexual Abuse Victims 3/24/14

KHON2: Lawsuit by Former Kamehameha Students Alleges Decades of Sex Abuse 3/11/14

HawaiiNewsNow: Senate panel gives Wilson Supreme Court OK in spite of ‘unqualified’ rating 3/10/14

The Beat: ‘Should Hawaii Re-Designate Discoverers’ Day As Indigenous Peoples’ Day?’ 2/17/14

Star-Advertiser: ‘Slayer of Peacock Decided Not to Sue Condo Association’ 2/17/14

Star-Advertiser: ‘OHA Condo Plan Clears Hurdles in Senate’ 2/17/14

For Now E-cigarettes Are Exempt From SB 2222 (HNN 2/11/14)

DHHL Residential Leases, Vacancies & Potential Legislation Discussed at 11/21/13 Briefing (posted 1/4/14)

Wai`anae Waterman Bouvey Bradbury Featured in Island Air’s June-November 2013 ‘Holoholo’ Magazine (posted 12/18/13)

 SLUDGE: Hawaii News Now: Permit Violations Being Issued (posted 10.17.13)

Wai’anae Sludge Dumping: Updates 9/11/13 (posted 9.11.13)

Protests from Waianae Halt Hawaii Kai Dredging (posted 9.9.13)

 AP/Star Advertiser: Hawaii State Senate Committee for Tourism, Hawaiian Affairs Split – Sen. Shimabukuro to Head Hawaiian Affairs (posted 6.28.13)

 Sen. Shimabukuro Rejects $12 Million Offer to Rename Wai’anae ‘’ (posted 4.3.13)

KITV4 News: Sen. Shimabukuro’s Response to Sen. Slom’s Jessica’s Law Comment 3/15/13 (posted 3.16.13)

Hawaii News Now: Sen. Shimabukuro on Early Childhood Education Bill 3/14/13 (posted 3.15.13)

 Civil Beat: 3/8/13 Leeward Residents Protest Temporary Road Through Makaha Beach (posted 3.9.13)

 Star-Advertiser 2/18/13 Repeal Drug Mandatory Minimums (posted 3.4.13)

 Associated Press: Proposed Wage Hike (posted 3.4.13)

KHON2: West-side Asks for Hearing on Rock Crushing and Landfill Expansion (posted 2.7.13)

Star-Advertiser 6/27/12: Homeless to Work on Kalihi Church’s Waianae Farm (posted 6.28.12)

Star-Advertiser (6/10/12): ‘Victims Have More Time to Sue for Past Sex Abuse’ (posted 6.10.12)

First Lawsuit Under New Law for Child Sex Abuse Claims (posted 5.27.12)

Update on Fight to Close the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill (posted 5.21.12)

NY Times Editorial Refers to Child Sex Abuse Bill Introduced by Sen. Shimabukuro (posted 5.7.12)

‘[Waimanalo Gulch] Landfill Must Stay Open, Court Rules’ (posted 5.6.12)

Senators Take a Dunking for the Hawaii Foodbank (posted 4.20.12)

Hawaii News Now – Makaha Resort Closing and Renovating (posted 10.20.11)

KITV4 – Wai`anae Residents Vent Frustrations Over Past Flooding (posted 10.1.11)

KHON2 – Discussion on Flooding on the Wai`anae Coast (posted 10.1.11)

KITV4 – Sand Restoration Project to Begin in Makaha on Monday 8/22 (posted 8.17.11)

Update Re: Bill Introduced by Sen. Shimabukuro (SB105) (posted 8.18.11)

MA`O Farms 2011 Fundraiser – Video and Photos (posted 6.27.11)

Poi Pounder On Codifying A Cultural Art (posted 6.3.11)

Community Rallies to Restore Makaha Beach Sand! (posted 2.28.11)

KITV4 News: Homeless Camp Proposed At Sand Island Park (posted 1.24.11)

Governor Fills Senate Seats (posted 12.22.10)

Health Officials Restrict Poi Pioneer – Honolulu News Story – KITV Honolulu (posted 12.6.10)

Two News Articles: Problem of Camping Permits (posted 11.9.10)

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