FAQ’s on all the Road Work Projects…

I wanted to clear up some confusion I noticed residents were having about all the current traffic relief projects occurring on the Waianae Coast… So, to clear things up… There are currently THREE projects, all happening in nearly the same area, and all three are aimed at alleviating traffic concerns of some sort.

Project 1: Farrington Hwy. Widening Project to add turn lanes down the center of Farrington Hwy. DOT aims to complete the turn lanes at Nanakuli Ave. and Haleakala Ave. by 2017.  I obtained $2m for this project, which has been delayed due to technical problems as they dig up the area. However, construction crews are working as fast as they can, and it’s great to see progress occurring. The newest news on this project is that they are attempting to extend the turn lane construction all the way to Hakimo Road. If they are able to achieve this extension it is anticipated to take about 7 years. (You can see the original plans in a power point presentation at the link below.)




Click to access 2015_03_04_Farrington_Hwy_Noise_Variance_PIM_Presentation.pdf

Project 2: Contraflow Lane down Farrington Hwy. This is the most recent announcement and not to be confused with the widening project, although the contraflow lane should help alleviate some traffic caused because of construction issues. It is slated to be an afternoon/ westbound traffic option, from Piliokahi Ave. to Helelua St. DOT will be attending the March Nanakuli-Maili Neighborhood Board meeting, and the April Waianae Neighborhood Boart meeting, to further discuss details and get community input. Implementation of this lane is expected during the upcoming summer months, and it will be a 1 year trial period, after which DOT may adjust it as necessary.

Here is more information about the contraflow project: http://21maile.com/…/…/dot-press-release-re-contraflow-lane/


Project 3: Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road (WCEAR) The potential WCEAR extension is an on-going proposal being worked on by elected officials, the City, DHHL, HPD, area residents, and others. Currently, routes between Helelua St. and the Nanakuli Homestead, as well as between Nanakuli Ave. and Piliokahi Ave., are the next two pieces that would give the largest impact. We are working to find the best solution, and the public is invited to attend meetings hosted by the Ahupua`a o Nanakuli Homestead group regarding this subject. The meetings occur every 2nd Monday at 7pm at Ka Waihona o ka Na`auao public charter school cafeteria.

Here is a link to more information about WCEAR: http://www.oahumpo.org/…/Waianae-Emergency-Access-Road-EA-2…



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