Waianae Internet Cafe

The following message is from Curtis J. Kropar, Executive Director of Hawaiian Hope Org:

Just a reminder about our Internet Cafe in Waianae!  Some of the services offered :

  • Printing — B&W 10 cents a page,   Color – 50 cents a page
  • Internet Access — $1 an hour
  • Send and receive faxes nation wide – 50 cents a page!
  • Scan documents — 50 cents a page
  • Photo Copies — B&W 10 cents a page,   Color – 50 cents a page
  • Meet with clients if you need to
  • Room Rentals for meetings
  • Overhead Projector and Sound System
If you have clients that need to get online for something, do job applications, check email, send you documents, etc, we can help.
87-132 Farrington Highway (Mā’ili)
Open 8 Am to 4 PM MondayFriday
Between Mā’ili Deli and Rapoza Auto Repair
Have a computer you are no longer using? Don’t Recycle(Scrap) It! Donate it.
Recycled” computers, even working ones, are melted down for scrap metal!  Donate your computer to us and we can refurbish it and get it to someone in need, just as we have done for over 900 computers so far.  See our website for more details: www.HawaiianHope.org

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