Miss Hawaii candidate Ms. Mariah Akau visits Senator Shimabukuro

Mount-Kaala-Mariah-Akau-600x750Name: Mariah Akau

Title: Miss Mauna Ka’ ala

Hometown:  Makaha, HI

Date of Birth:  January 11, 1993

Education:      Leeward Community College-Sophomore-Associates, Liberal Arts Hawaii Youth Challenge Academy- High School Diploma

Platform  Issue:                                   Cancer Awareness and Preventions

Scholastics/Career  Ambition:            Obtain a Masters of Business Management and Marketing Talent:                                                 Tahitian Ote’a

Scholastic Honors: Recipient of Wal-Mart Scholarship; Recipient of Argosy University Scholarship for $12,000

Leadership Roles:   Supervise Airmen  Core values, skills and knowledge; Unit Fitness Program Manager; Physical Training Leader; Soka Gakai International Youth Division District Leader; Relay for Life Team Leader

Accomplishments: Hawaii Air National Guard 2014 Outstanding Airman of the Year Award; Recipient of the Pacific Air Force Personnel Support for Contingency Operations Outstanding Team Award; Recipient of Hospitality Award from Miss East Oahu 2015 Prelim pageant; Recipient of Children’s Miracle Network Award for raising $725 from the Miss West Oahu 2015 prelim pageant;

Interesting Facts:  Proudly served my country on an overseas deployment to Qatar. The youngest of five girls whose names all being with “Mar” like our father Mark.

Employment:  Full time-Personnel Technician in the Hawaii Air National Guard; Volunteer with the Hawaii Youth Challenge Academy; Volunteer with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life; Internship w/QLCC for Oahu Work Links;

How has the world you come from shaped your dreams and aspirations?

Losing my mother at a young age was hard but being a part of a supportive, loving, and caring family has helped me through my journey by instilling good values, self-discipline to work hard and be an independent woman. Being involved with our church functions and the American Cancer Society’s, Relay for Life has enabled me to be more aware of my community and my service. I aspire to be a woman who leaves a great legacy of encouraging others to stand up and join the fight in cancer research. I also dream of being a successful business owner and one day having a family of my own that I can instill the same values my family has passed on.

Of all ways you could succeed in your life, why have you chosen to succeed in the Miss America Pageant?

The Miss America’s four points to the crown symbolizes; “Style, Scholarship, Success, and Service” all of which shapes a successful person . This organization offers women determined to achieve a higher education while sharing their platform on a national and relatable level. Possessing all four characteristics of the crown presents a stylish, motivated woman giving back to the community while seeking to further their academic interest.

What  social issue, other than  your  platform,  will  have  the greatest  impact  on your  generation  and  why? Technology in today’s world is so advanced and will only improve while changing with time. Today’s children lack a sense of social and communication skills as most are too consumed by the convenience of electronics, the Internet and social media.

Cancer Awareness  and Preventions

Cancer affects everyone on all social levels. Each of us can relate to this detrimental condition and either knows someone who is suffering through this debilitating disease, a survivor or one who has come to an untimely demise. At the age of 5 my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Lymphoma Hodgkin’s Cancer, and given only a few months. She took that time to truly live, laugh and love. To hope and dream for the best in all her children’s future endeavors. She later passed shortly after I turned 6 years old. I was too young to truly understand the depth of what my mother was going through. Growing up was never the same, especially during my most impressionable years when sometimes a girl just needs her mother’s love and advice. However, through the love and support of my father and grandparents they ensured that my sisters and I were well cared for. Each of us had our own way of mourning our mother’s loss and through the trials of my teenage years and not making the right choices I became an “at risk teen .” I eventually turned my life around with the decision to attend the Hawaii Youth Challenge Academy where I obtained my High School Diploma a year earlier than expected. Through its academic format I learned a great deal of leadership, principal and structure. Which encouraged my decision to proudly serve my country in the Hawaii Air National Guard and led me to serve one tour in Qatar UAE. It is through these events in life that has lead me on this intrepid journey of enrichment and self-discovery in wanting to keep my mother’s legacy alive through my platform and by extending my service and support to the American Cancer Society.

As your Miss America I would like to address the country on a relatable subject such as cancer, and reach out to the lives of many whom has lost a loved one or living through the same experiences that I once faced. Lets unite as a nation by giving others hope and courage to join the fight in cancer research with today’s modem technology a cure can and will be found. My plan is to partner with the American Caner Society as their mission statement is dedicated to decrease cancer as a primary health concern by taking preventive measures to save lives, and eliminate suffering of cancer through research, education advocacy and service. First, I would start with educating our youth, as they are our future. To accomplish this 1 plan to visit elementary schools and teach them ways to prevent cancer; such as applying sunscreen to prevent skin cancer or how smoking could later lead to  lung  cancer.  Partnering  with OBGYN ‘s across the nation to reach out to women and stressing the importance of completing mammograms, screening for ovarian and cervix cancer, and detecting symptoms of the early stages of breast cancer.

Reaching out to the world through social media such as; blogging, Facebook, Instagram and television are all ways to educate the people about the importance of funding cancer research, patients, therapies, and supporting the American Cancer Society. Their mission has inspired me to start my very own Gina’s Angel’s Foundation dedicated to assist cancer patients and families through their battle as I can relate to this catastrophic journey. Accommodating patients with emotional support classes, wigs, transportation and therapies. Even after a loved one is lost my goal is to provide assistance with emotional and financial support to the surviving family members.

My mission in life is to address this issue to the world and share my experience on relatable level. As Miss America, symbolizes style, scholarship, success, and services what better role model to lead our nation giving others hope and faith.

If you would like to support Ms. Mariah Akau you can cast your vote for the 2015 Miss Photogenic from May 1 – May 29, 2015 at http://misshawaii.oc16.tv/

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