Keiki Central, the Early Childhood Virtual Hub

Aloha Action Strategy Partners!

We are excited to share information about an online virtual hub for early childhood, called Keiki Central, that will be a one-stop resource for all things prenatal to age five. Not only will this resource be useful for families, but we anticipate it will be a viable resource for providers to assist families in connecting to services and programs. Please fill out the attached form to be listed and read AUW’s message below. After extensive planning, we were fortunate that Aloha United Way was interested in partnering, which means families and providers will have the entire 2-1-1 resource list available as well. Keiko Central will be accessed through it its own site, dedicated solely to early childhood and organized by zipcode, but there will be a direct link to 2-1-1. Data will be collected on the backend to measure use, which services and programs are requested most frequently etc. Keiki Central will be accessed through computers, tablets and phones via a Keiki Central app. In addition to the virtual hub, we will be identifying “ Keiki Connectors” or professionals throughout our early childhood community who act as “ care coordinators and referral agencies”, whether in their job descriptions or not, especially in our harder to reach areas. Keiki Connectors will be trained on the technology to expand the reach. We are also looking at utilizing mobile services to increase access to the online hub. Please find a more detailed description attached along with the 2-1-1 form. Again, please take 5-10 minutes to fill out the attached 2-1-1 form to ensure your program/service is listed. Even if you think you are already listed in 2-1-1, please resubmit this form. Each year, you will receive an email reminder to update your information. Please forward to as many partners as possible.

“AUW is excited to be working with the Early Childhood Action Strategy to help bring forth Keiki Central, focused on early childhood development resources for children prenatal to five years old. Our goal here is to gather as many early childhood resources statewide for it to be made public via this “VIRTUAL HUB” or by calling our easy to remember 2-1-1 number or visiting our website at;; . The form attached is essential in collecting information about your agency and its services. All the information requested on this form helps our community find basic information such as agency name, address, website, email, contact numbers, hours of operation, program or service descriptions, servicing areas and eligibility requirements. This information is vital for those trying to navigate our social service system and find resources that would otherwise not be easily found. Please help us by filling out this form and submitting it back to us here at Aloha United Way 211. You may email the form to<> or fax it to 1-808-599-7712. If you have any questions feel free to email us at the web address given and with the subject line noted as “Early Childhood Resource” so we will know you are inquiring about this project. Thank you for your support in this effort and helping our community stay connected.”

We anticipate launching Keiki Central this fall, 2015. Mahalo nui loa to our “Equitable Access to Programs and Services” team for holding the vision and diligently planning Keiki Central and to AUW for their partnership!

With appreciation,

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