DLNR addressing boats moored at Poka’i Bay

Maile 032914AGreat news…state trying to crack down on boats moored at Poka’i Bay. DLNR is proposing rule changes that will limit mooring of boats to no more than 3 days in a 14-day period. See changes to section “a” below. Language in brackets may be deleted and replaced with the language seen below in a, a(1) and a(2). I’ll keep you posted. -Maile

On Monday, February 13, 2017, 8:59 AM, Statts, Meghan L <meghan.l.statts@hawaii.gov> wrote:

Aloha Maile,

Here is the draft wording that would also pertain to Pokai Bay and other offshore mooring areas. We do not have any public hearings set yet but I will let you know.

Ҥ13-235-9 Restrictions on anchoring or mooring outside of a designated offshore mooring area. (a) No person shall anchor [or moor] a vessel [outside of a State offshore mooring area without a permit issued by the department, provided that recreational and commercial fishing vessels shall not be required to obtain an offshore mooring permit to moor or anchor for a period not to exceed seventy-two hours except in areas where anchoring or mooring is prohibited] in an Ocean Recreation Management Area (ORMA) or a non- designated area for a cumulative period of time exceeding seventy-two hours within any fourteen day period subject to the following restrictions:

(1) Calculation of the seventy-two hour time limit shall not restart if a vessel is relocated or temporarily moved and then later returned to the same site or location or in close proximity thereto.

(2) The department or the department’s authorized representative may authorize an extension of the seventy-two hour time limit if, under the particular circumstances, an extension of time is reasonable and warranted.

(b) No person shall anchor or moor a houseboat on the ocean waters or navigable streams of the State outside of a designated mooring area.

(c) No person shall live aboard any vessel or use any vessel as a principal place of habitation on the ocean waters or navigable streams of the [state] State outside of a designated mooring area, provided that staying aboard or use of a vessel as a vacation site may be permitted in accordance with provisions set forth in sections 13-231-22, 13-231-28, and 13-231-29.

(d) The owner of a vessel desiring to moor a vessel outside a designated mooring area may be issued a permit by the department, subject to compliance with all other provisions of this chapter, provided that:

(1) There is no designated mooring area within a reasonable distance of the desired location specified in the permit application;

(2) A permit for installation of a mooring at that location is approved by the board of land and natural resources; and

(3) In the case of commercial vessels, a permit is also approved for installation of the mooring by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

(e) Transient or visiting vessels may be issued a temporary permit to anchor outside of a designated mooring area for a period not to exceed ninety days.” [Eff 2/24/94; am ] (Auth: HRS §§200-1, 200-2, 200-3, 200-6) (Imp: HRS §§200-1, 200-2, 200-3, 200-6)


Meghan Statts

Oahu District Manager

4 Sand Island Access Road

Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

(808) 832-3520

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